Buck Blessing (bio)


Gary Winegar, MBA, CPA (bio)
President of Investment Services
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William J. “B.J.” Hybl, MBA (bio)
President & COO
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David Bunkers, MBA, CPA (bio)
CFO & Senior V.P. Financial Services
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Commercial Services Group


Richard K. Davidson, CPM (bio)
Sr. VP Commercial Services
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Doris Donahue Wall (bio)
Vice President of Commercial Services
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Bethany Anhert
Management Assistant
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Jeremy Bergeron
Commercial Maintenance Dispatcher
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Cortney Brunner
Management Assistant
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Kelly Clay
Portfolio Manager
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Sami Clifton
Management Assistant
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Rita Dugan, ACoM
Portfolio Manager
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Mario Gernazio
Director of Maintenance Operations
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Cody Hayes
Management Assistant
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Adrianna Claybrook
Management Assistant
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Katie Kier
Portfolio Manager
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Patty Jones
Portfolio Manager
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Carrie Lanning
Management Assistant
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Elizabeth Miller
Management Assistant
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Jeremiah Nease, CPM
Portfolio Manager
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Suzan Parra
Portfolio Manager
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Liz Seeger, RPA, LEED AP
Portfolio Manager
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Dixie Snyder, CPM, ACoM
Portfolio Manager
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Courtney Stahl
Management Assistant
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Gwen Stumpe
Maintenance Department Operations Coordinator
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Crystal Webb
Operations Coordinator & Management Assistant
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Multifamily Services Group

Carmen Azzopardi, CPM (bio)
Vice President
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Chelsea Archibald
Software Support Specialist
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Rachel Butler
District Manager
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Karen Estrada, NALP
Management Assistant
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Penny Gettler, CAM
District Manager
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Kayla Guerra
Management Assistant
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Candice Kennedy, CAM
District Manager
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Scott Kirkwood, CPM
District Manager
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Tina Lloyd
Senior Management Assistant, Office Manager
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Rebecca Machmuller, CAM
Director of Training
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Jennifer Taylor
District Manager
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Sandy Thrash, CAM
District Manager
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Erica Travelstead
Management Assistant
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Construction Services Group

Marty Galindo (bio)
Sr. VP Construction Services
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Joanne Jonas
Administrative Assistant
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Chad Achterhof
Accounting Manager, Director of Energy & Sustainability
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Cindy Colby
Property Accountant
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Nicole Dillon
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Simonne Gallaty
Assistant to the CEO, Director of Investment Relations
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Andria Hecker
Property Accountant
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Tiffany Koschwitz
Property Accountant
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Erin Moroney
Director of Business Development and Marketing
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Kim Murr
Senior Corporate Accountant
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Nick Steph
Investment Analyst
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