» Our Charitable Giving Guidelines
» Charitable Organizations We Donate To
» Letter From Our CEO About Charitable Giving

Requests for contributions from Griffis/Blessing must be made in writing no later than October 1st of each year, and must include the following:

•   A concise statement of the purpose of the request and the amount requested. Outline the need for the project, the specific solutions to be reached, the expected contributions to the population served, and the criteria for measuring the success of the project.
•   List of Board of Directors
•   List of major corporate, individual, and foundation contributors
•   A photocopy of current U.S. Treasury tax exempt 501(c)(3) letter
•   Statement that organization does not discriminate in its hiring or delivery of programs and services on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, religion, or sexual orientation
•   Most recent financial statements and budget for coming year

Contributions will not be made for the following activities
•   Individuals
•   Sports teams, performing groups, races, telethons, or travel expenses
•   Medical, research, or health-related organizations or funds for research or studies
•   Third party fundraisers or sales promotions
•   Telephone solicitations
•   Political or religious organizations
•   Sponsorship of fundraising events or activities (dinners, lunches, auctions, etc.)
•   Golf tournaments, table sponsorships, “jails”
•   Organizations whose headquarters, programs, or activities are primarily outside of the geographic areas in which we do business
•   Organizations which do not have an active IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter

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