Financial Services

Griffis/Blessing has committed significant resources to technology that enables us to provide our clients with accurate and timely financial information that is vital in analyzing the performance of an investment. Monthly financial results are reviewed by a CPA with seasoned financial statement experience gained over 25 years in private industry and public accounting.

Our accounting technicians have an average of eight years of property management accounting experience.

Griffis/Blessing offers its accounting and financial services as part of our property management services or as a stand-alone service to property management firms that want to take advantage of our personnel and technology investment.

In addition to our accounting services, our financial group has successfully negotiated and closed on numerous financing transactions for all types of real estate products. We have worked with a variety of lenders and have secured favorable financing terms while keeping the loan costs at a minimum.

For more information regarding our financial services, contact CFO Dave Bunkers by email or by phone at 719-520-1234.

Property Tax Appeals

Another of the many ways Griffis/Blessing is able to assist clients through its knowledge of local markets is through its property tax appeal services. Extensive resources, active participation in and knowledge of sales transactions, availability of comparable data and constant in-house valuation of current and potential investments lends Griffis/Blessing a certain level of expertise in understanding and defending values of all property types. This, along with the company’s sound relationships with local government officials, allows our clients to rest assured that property taxes are fairly levied. When it is determined that property taxes are not fairly levied, Griffis/Blessing is able to lodge effective property tax appeals on behalf of customers.

For more information regarding our property tax appeal services, contact President and COO William J. “B.J.” Hybl by email or by phone at 719-520-1234.

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