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Since its inception in 1985, Griffis/Blessing, Inc. has proudly contributed a significant portion of our net earnings to numerous deserving community organizations in the Pikes Peak region. Additionally, our employees have provided their personal time and talents to many of these same important endeavors. It is a valued tradition at Griffis/Blessing to share the results of our business success with those in need in Colorado Springs.

During October of each year, Griffis/Blessing determines how much will be given back to community organizations during the coming calendar year. The amount to be given is based upon our budgeted net income for the year in which the contribution is to be made. We welcome your organization’s interest in the Griffis/Blessing contribution program.

At this time, Griffis/Blessing’s charitable giving emphasis is on organizations whose programs and services support at-risk and low income youth. Typically, $1,000 is our maximum contribution per organization per year. Please see the guidelines.

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